His Presence in a Pear Tree

It all began in a pear tree.

CCSW_Logo_socialmediaBeing the eldest of three children, and very much a “country girl,” I often climbed a tree to simply be alone.  It was there that I first remember experiencing God’s powerful presence.

Somehow, I knew He “knew” me!  I was convinced He heard my prayers.  This began an exciting adventure as an eight year old.  I simply could not wait to meet with the Lord.

Today, I passionately desire to help others enjoy Christ’s presence and the precious heart-transformation that often occurs!  The opportunity to invite the Truth of God’s Word (and thus, His presence and grace) into your personal situation for healing and wholeness is exciting.

He delights in meeting with us.  In fact, fruitful lives and rich relationships are often the result of these close encounters with the Lord.  I look forward to meeting you and experiencing the Lord’s presence and His sweet grace… together!

In His Powerful love,
~ Sherri